12-Inch Hair Extensions

Shop Our Brand New 12 Inch Remy Hair Extensions!

You have asked and we have answered! The demand for 12 inch remy hair extensions has been growing over the last couple of years for ladies who want a bit more volume but not the length. As with all our products we only use high-grade Remy hair, that is hair that lies in the same direction as your own. We source our Remy hair from countries around the world such as Russia and India to bring you the very best in human hair extensions. The fact we use only Remy hair means that your look is seamless when you put it together, and the look is so natural. The silky touch of human hair leaves all other artificial substitutes in the shade.

Why Buy 12 inch Real Hair Extensions?

12 inch real hair extensions are the new big thing, as many women do not need or want the length of normal 18 or 22-inch extensions. A 12-inch extension can give incredible volume to a shorter style or a bob, especially if the hair is thin or missing. Many women find it hard to grow their hair into a glossy shorter style as they have naturally weak or brittle hair. A 12-inch extension will be the solution they are looking for. Our products are hair-friendly meaning that whatever way you choose to attach the real human ponytail hair extensions, they will do little damage to what you are naturally blessed with.

Some women attempt an ultra-short style and find they hate it. They feel they have lost their feminine mystique somehow and cannot wait to grow out the pixie cut. There is a shortcut back to confidence however, which does not involve wearing a full wig or a headscarf to cover the regrowth. Enter the 12-inch real human hair extensions which can give you coverage and volume while you regrow your natural locks. Likewise, an ill-advised colour can take months to grow out and may involve harsh chemical treatments to strip out the colour and months of hairdresser visits which can leave hair tired and damaged. In addition to our 12-inch hair extensions, our remy clip-in extensions can be a great way to look fab again while the colour grows out. It can also work out far cheaper in the long run.

Why Buy 12 Inch Real Human Hair Extension from Hickenbick?

Hickenbick Hair is the world leaders in real human hair extensions, and we have built our name and reputation over the last two decades. Being one of the first companies to dedicate our mission to micro ring hair extension products, we are ahead of the game when it comes to quality. We are a Swiss born company operating in each European country, and as you would expect, we pride ourselves on high quality and high-performance products. All our products are rated with an ISO 9001 certification to ensure that we are giving the very best to you! Our products are featured on the fashion pages of major publications and are worn by celebrities all over the world.

So, whether it’s a case of boosting volume, covering regrowth, or just inventing a brand-new look for yourself, browse our selection of 12 inch real human hair extensions and say hello to a new you!