Curly Hair Extensions

Transform Your Hair with Curly Real Hair Extensions

Long, lustrous curls to die for? Yes, please! The long curly look is a perennial trend that comes back into fashion time and time again. Think bouncing curls for a summer beach boho style or a head-turning winter cascade from under a faux fur hat. We just can’t get enough of curls! From tightly curled ringlets to glorious waves, we are huge fans of the curls! So, how can you get this look? If you already have long hair or straight hair extensions, you could curl it using curlers or a heated tong. Natural hair will also take a perm, although you should not attempt that with extensions! If you have short hair or hair lacking volume you could try a wig for an instant makeover. But for a more natural feel, curly real hair extensions are the way to go.

Curly and Wavy Flat Tip Extensions

Curly Remy hair extensions have landed in the UK!Remy hair is hair that lies in the same direction as yours, so the look and movement of the hair is as natural as if you were born with it. Bang on trend right now, and a hot look for summer, our 10 tip Keratin flat tip extensions come in 21 colours, including some two-tone blends. Measuring up at 23 inches, with 10 strands per set, this product is designed to be tangle-free and without knots. It can also be coloured or dyed, giving you optimal choice with styling your look. The sets come in a choice of wavy or curly depending on how you want to design your look. This is also a budget-smart choice for every beauty aficionado.

Curly Weft Extensions

For those who want fuller volume or who are short on time, there are weft extensions, which allow greater coverage rather than individual extensions. Weighing in at 100g, and stretching 60cm, this weft band is 130cm wide. Constructed from 100% Indian Remy hair, this product has full natural ends for a healthy look and is designed not to tangle or knot. You can pick one of 17 colours and you can also dye or colourise the weft. The beauty of this product is the diversity of methods in how it can be attached – micro rings, adhesive strips, clips or braided into your own natural hair. This premium product will have you feeling like a million dollars.

Curly Remy Hair Clip-In Extensions

For those who are seeking tightly knit dream curls, you will love our curly clip-in extensions . This is a mid-ranged product, which consists of five hair strands of varying widths. Weighing in at a massive 130g, this product is designed for big volume, cascading down 22 inches. In the set, there are two 8cm strands with two clips apiece, two 16cm strands with 3 clips apiece and one 22cm clip attached by four clips. The effect when mounted is a huge volume of beach breeze blown curls for a breathtaking look. Available in 12 colours.

Your parents might have told you to eat your crusts to get curly hair, but we say everyone can have beautiful curls with Hickenbick Hair ! Don’t delay! Get your beach babe look on! For the best curly Remy hair extensions in the UK, look no further than Hickenbick, the world leader in curly human hair extensions.