Microring Hair Extensions

Remy-Quality Microring Hair Extensions

The results from our Microring Extensions create a special kind of transformation. You will make a statement every time you walk into a room and the quality of our hair extensions will leave you bursting with a new found self-confidence. What makes our microring hair extensions so special? You don't need any heat or glue to attach it. This ensures that your new head of hair can be applied gently to avoid damaging your own hair. Many of our customers will also be familiar with remy Microring Extensions under the term Microloop Extensions. If this is you, rest assured they are one and the same technology. 

Real Human Hair Microring Extensions

Do you dream of longer, thicker hair that makes everyone look in your direction? Are you tired of thin hair that doesn’t grow past a certain length? Do you wish you could skip bad hair days altogether? Real human hair microring extensions are the perfect way to increase your confidence and spice up your look. Without damaging your own hair, you can achieve the hair you’ve always dreamed of, no matter how long or voluminous.Hickenbick Hair has professional quality hair extensions made from real human remy hair, available in all colours. We offer good value for money, excellent customer service, fast shipping, and tons of confidence.

What are Remy Microring Hair Extensions?

Microring hair extensions are also known as micro loop hair extensions, but the technology is the same. Instead of using weaving, heat or glue to attach these extensions, they’re attached by microloops the same colour as your roots being looped into strands of your own hair. This means it’s a very gentle procedure that doesn’t damage your natural hair as much as other extension methods do. Remy micro loop hair extensions look natural and blend in perfectly, and they also last longer than for example weaves or taped extensions. With the right maintenance, your extensions only have to be refitted every 3-4 months. You can reuse the same extensions for many of these occasions, instead of getting brand new ones. This also means it’s quite affordable compared to extension types that need to be refitted and replaced more frequently.

The Benefits of Choosing Our Remy Microloop Extensions

Choosing the right brand and extensions are just as important as choosing the type of hair extension you want. While real human hair is more expensive than synthetic extensions, that’s all for good reason. It’s far superior in many ways.

  • It lasts much longer; human hair extensions can last for over a year while synthetic extensions last only a few months
  • This also means they’re cheaper in the long run if you plan to wear extensions for an extended period of time
  • Real hair extensions look much more natural and can’t be distinguished from real hair
  • They can also be treated like real hair and can be dyed and styled with heat without melting or breaking

If you want durable extensions that you have the flexibility to style however you choose, you should opt for real human hair. At Hickenbick Hair, all our extensions even our human hair ponytail extensions are made from 100% real human hair from India. We use remy hair, which is the most desirable hair on the market due to its shine and quality. Our extensions are of professional quality, made from the finest hair available, making them long-lasting, beautiful and natural-looking.

Contact Us To Learn More About Microring Hair Extensions

For a natural look, you’ll need to order extensions of the same colour as your own hair. We have extensions available for all hair colours of your choice such as blonde human hair extensions, copper colour remy hair extensions and the hair can also be dyed if you get an inappropriate shade or if you dye your own hair but want to keep your extensions. If you’re confused by the options on our website, you can send us a picture of your hair over Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, or email so we can advise you what shade to buy. If you’ve found your shade already, be sure to place your order to experience the confidence of having your dream locks.