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The UK's #1 Real Human Hair Ponytail Extensions

With our high-quality human hair ponytail extensions or forehead fringes, you ensure a special kind of eye-catcher. The 100% Indian Remy human hair ensures an absolutely natural look and enables carefree re-styling with a curling iron or straightening iron. The anti-tangling formula offered exclusively by Hickenbick works against unpleasant entanglements and thus for easy styling. Both the ponytail extensions and the forehead fringe bangs can be achieved with the hair-saving clip technique. Do something good for yourself and give yourself the opportunity to reinvent yourself every day.

Buy Human Hair Ponytail Extensions in the UK

A ponytail is one of the simplest and most elegant hairdos out there, popularised by celebrities like Ariana Grande. Unfortunately, many of us simply don’t have the amount of hair required for a long, voluminous ponytail. But the ponytail of your dreams is a dream no longer, with the help of Hickenbick Hair, buy our human hair ponytail extension in the UK and you can create a long and beautiful ponytail for a night out, a nice dinner or a fancy event. Hickenbick Hair is a pioneer in hair extensions after being in the business for over 50 years. Today, we’re the leading hair extension brand in Europe, and now you can enjoy our products in the UK and the rest of the world as well. Browse our extensive list of over 800 hair extension products and never have a bad hair day again.

Gorgeous Real Hair Ponytail Extensions

Our real hair ponytail extensions come in two different sizes so that you can go as simple or extravagant as you would like. These temporary clip-in extensions are easy to put on and take off without damaging your hair. Since they’re made out of real human hair, they’re extremely high quality and will look completely natural. Synthetic hair extensions might look fake and be difficult to style without damaging, but real hair looks just like your own and can be styled with curling and straightening irons.

Our extensions are available in a wide range of colours, such as blonde or dark brown human hair ponytails so that you can find your perfect shade match that seamlessly blends into your real hair. This includes mixed and beautiful remy ombre hair extensions, and if your hair is dyed in an exciting colour that we don’t stock, you can easily dye our extensions without them losing their charm or natural look. Ponytail extensions offer perfect hold without losing volume, sagging or coming undone, unlike what you’ve probably found happens with your own hair. Our remy hair extensions also benefit from a tangle-free formula that prevents the strands from interweaving and getting tangled, minimising the maintenance required and keeping your extensions tangle-free.

If a ponytail is a hairstyle you want to try out, go all-in with a real hair ponytail from Hickenbick Hair.

How to Use Human Hair Clip in Ponytail?

Begin by choosing your perfect shade and order your extension. If you’re unsure which shade is right, we can offer you guidance and colour matching on social media or via live chat on the website. Simply send us a picture of your hair in good lighting over Facebook, Instagram, or email, or directly here by clicking the live chat button. Once it’s time to get ready, pull your hair together and insert your human hair clip in ponytail, it only takes seconds. These clip-ins are much easier than extensions that are put into your hair by hairstylists, you simply pop them on and pop them off. Style as you like by braiding it, putting it into a bun, straightening or curling it. Create a variety of looks using the same ponytail and take it with you if you change your hair colour by dying it just like you do your own.

Human Hair Ponytail Extensions: Order Today!

Hickenbick Hair has one of the largest selections of UK's premium quality ponytail extensions, offering thousands of products of the highest quality. Order yourself a human hair ponytail extension or browse the rest of the selection to find something that suits your style.