Tape-In Hair Extensions

Remy Tape-In Human Hair Extensions

You look in the mirror and can’t help but smile to yourself as you run your hands through your enviable full volume hair. Your new found self-confidence is unmistakable. Treat yourself with the tape in extensions from Hickenbick and achieve the hair of your dreams. Probably the most revolutionary and time efficient type of hair extension for those who want effortless amazing hair. Our high-quality real hair is used by top hairdressers and celebrities world-wide and now you can achieve the same results. Our luxury PRO human hair tape extensions are characterized by a gentle non-intrusive relationship with your own hair and exceptional comfort. This is achieved through the use of flat adhesive strips, which can be inserted quickly and easily. Another advantage of this technique is that it can be worn for a longer time than other hair extension options. By replacing the adhesive tapes with replacement adhesive, your real hair tape-in extensions can be reused - for even longer enjoyment of your dream mane!

High-Quality Real Hair Tape-In Extensions

Hair extensions are here to give you the confidence you deserve. Say goodbye to thin, sensitive, short, damaged hair and bad hair days. Use Hickenbick Hair extensions to create the exact look you want. Whether you want to go long or stay at your current length, whether you want excessive volume or a slight lift, we have the product for you. Our real hair tape-in extensions make the process easy, allowing you to change up your look whenever you want, without the help of a professional or hours in the salon. We sell only the highest quality real human hair, allowing for a natural, shiny look that lasts a long time and can be styled in a multitude of ways. Treat yourself to a new mane from one of the biggest suppliers of tape in human hair extensions in the UK, by ordering from Hickenbick Hair.

The Best Tape In Human Hair Extensions in the UK

Tape-in extensions are attached using flat adhesive strips with newest Slim Generation technology. This makes for a quick and easy process, and they’re comfortable to wear as well as gentle on your natural hair. While they’re quick to put on, you can still wear them for a long time. The adhesive strips can also be replaced so you can reuse your hair extensions as many times as you want. There are many benefits to using tape-in extensions, which makes them a fast and budget-friendly option for many. This is especially good for those who aren’t sure about extensions and don’t want to spend too long having them done in case they change their mind. But they’re not as temporary as clip-ins, making them the perfect middle ground for those looking to switch up their hair game.

Why Remy Tape In Hair Extensions Are Better Than Synthetic?

All the hair extensions sold at Hickenbick Hair are 100% real human hair. Real hair is superior to synthetic hair in many ways, making it worth the extra money it costs. One of the biggest benefits of real hair is the fact that it looks and feels much more natural than synthetic hair. It is real hair, after all. Once properly colour-matched and attached, no one will be able to tell it isn’t your real hair. It also lasts longer, often lasting for more than a year while synthetic hair lasts a few days after tangeling. Synthetic hair can also be tricky to style, as many synthetic extensions will burn if you apply heat. Real hair can be treated like real hair, which means you can dye and style it in whatever ways you want. Our Remy tape in hair extensions are made of the highest quality human hair, made out of untreated hair with intact cuticles and embellished in the same way that it naturally grows. You can also choose from our various collection of parmanent hair extension which includes ombre hair extensions, pre-bonded keratin hair extensions and remy weft extensions

Why Choose Hickenbick Hair For Tape In Human Hair Extensions?

Want to purchase some extensions? Here’s why you should choose Hickenbick Hair.

  • Extremely high-quality, durable real human Remy hair
  • Tangle-free formula that doesn’t knot
  • Choose between thousands of products and a huge range of extensions
  • Receive colour-matching help from our team over our social media, Whatsapp and Email
  • Get quick delivery and excellent customer service

There’s a reason we’re the number one provider of human hair extensions. Order your perfect tape in human hair extensions on our website and experience the confidence that comes with having a good hair day every single day.