Dark Brown Ponytail Extensions

Dark Brown Human Hair Ponytail Extensions

Do you lack the length and volume required for a glamorous, eye-catching ponytail? We have the solution! Using a human ponytail extension from Hickenbick Hair, you can quickly and without damaging your own hair create a variety of ponytail looks for special occasions or those days when you just want to feel extra confident. We have a huge range of colours and shades available to match your extensions perfectly to your own hair, including many shades of dark brown. With all of our dark and medium-brown remy hair extensions being made from the highest-quality real remy hair, they look natural and last a long time. Upgrade your ponytail game with one of our dark brown human hair ponytail extensions.

Why Choose Our Dark Brown Remy Hair Ponytail Extensions?

Hickenbick Hair is the number one hair extension expert born in Switzerland operating in whole europe, and we now offer our products to the rest of the world. We have the most extensive range of human hair extensions in the UK, with a wide variety of choices available for all styles. If you want your ponytail to look as beautiful as possible, choose Hickenbick Hair and get the quality you deserve. The reasons you should choose our products include:

  • All extensions are made from 100% real human hair, which means they look completely natural, and no one will be able to distinguish them from your own hair
  • We use Remy hair, where the cuticles are left intact and the strands are embellished in the same direction they grow, making for a natural, shiny and luscious look
  • We utilise a tangle-free formula that prevents your hair from tangling and interweaving
  • We offer a variety of lengths and shades that guarantee you’ll find your perfect fit
  • Our dark brown ponytail extensions utilise a hair-friendly clip technology that makes the extension easy to attach and prevents it from damaging your natural hair
  • Our ponytails offer perfect hold and are long-lasting
  • All our extensions can be dyed and styled with heat, so you can curl and straighten them to your heart’s content
  • We offer excellent customer service and quick shipping

Styling Your Dark Brown Real Hair Ponytail

Our dark brown real hair ponytail extensions are easy to attach in seconds. Simply pull your own hair together and insert the clip-in ponytail. You can wear it just like that, or experiment with different ponytail styles. Leave the texture as is or curl it for a voluminous ponytail. The extension can also be turned into a bun or braid. One of our favourite ponytail styling techniques is to take a strand of hair and tie it around the base of the ponytail to hide the elastic, it makes for a beautiful look! An extension from us doesn’t need to be a simple and sometimes boring ponytail, there’s no end to the styles you can create with it.

How to Find Your Perfect Shade Of Dark Brown

Our dark-brown clip-in human hair extensions come in many different shades to accommodate all hair colours. If you’re struggling to identify your specific shade using the charts on the website, our team is here to help you. Take a picture of your hair in good lighting and send it to our team over Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, or email, and we’ll be back with the perfect shade for your dark brown remy hair ponytail. If you’ve already found your colour, order it from our shopping catalogue and start experimenting with styles.