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Autumn hair colors and trends

Autumn hair colors and trends

New season – new look!
Autumn is here and it is the perfect time for a hair change. The hair has been very stressed by the sun, the salt water and chlorine in summer and needs a little refreshment. We present you the latest hairstyles trends and hair colors for autumn 2022.




Sleek hairstyles
A sleeke ponytail or bun complete the cozy autumn outfit perfectly. Not only is the hairstyle totally trendy at the moment, but it is also practical and fast done.

Your hair doesn’t knot because of the sweater nor can the wind whip your hair in your face. Such a sleek look highlights your facial contours wonderfully – if you do not dare to tie your whole hair up, you can also leave out individual strands at the front, so your face is beautifully framed.
Tie your whole hair together using a brush of natural bristles and fix everything with hair spray. Use hair clips for your babyhair and the hairstyle is done.



To spice up this look you can add extension. We have ponytail extensions made of 100% real human hair in two different lengths. These are available in over 35 colors which leads to a perfect transition into your own hair. But don’t worry the extensions are just as easy to install as a ponytail is to make




Hair Color Trends

Your hair color is certainly already washed out after the holidays. The weather is changes - so should your hair.

In autumn, natural hair colors have their time to shine whether they are brown or blond tones. A warm brown or a neutral blonde is best suited.

This year’s top trends: copper tones in any version. Stars like model Kendall Jenner already joined the trend.




Voluminous hairstyles

The circular brush has become increasingly popular in recent years. This will remain the case in autumn 2022. The curtain bangs have currently provided volume – but now the entire hair can be blow-dried to a magnificent mane.

The hairstyle looks best when the hair goes at least over the shoulders – even if you think your hair is too thin or short, you don’t have to miss on that hair trend.

Extensions allow you to conjure both length and volume into your hair. Our pre-bonded keratin extensions are particularly suitable for this. This is the finest method and lasts between 4-6 months. So you can join all long hair trends without waiting until your hair is grown out.

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