8 advantages of ♡ Hickenbick Hair

We make your dream of long and abundant hair come true

The largest choice in the UK

To wear a natural hair extension or hair thickening, you need a really big choice. At Hickenbick Hair, you will find more than 1400 different extension items in all sorts of lengths, structures and colours.

Bonding extensions allow you a long-lasting change. The latest generation of tape extensions allows you a quick application, Clip extensions are convenient if you wish to change your hairstyle every day. Microring extensions and hair strands are available for individual incorporation.

At Hickenbick Hair, you will find modern hairpieces such as ponytail extensions, clip-on brow fringes or hair scrunchies, as well as suitable accessories and specific hair care items that are essential prerequisites for any hair extension.

Stars and 4'000 partner hair salons rely on us

At Hickenbick Hair, you can trust us that, as a customer, you come first. More than 4'000 partner hair salons use our precious extensions to make their customers happy. Well-known stars from magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, Marie-Claire and many others have exclusively adopted Hickenbick Hair extensions.

Influencers readily cooperate with us for representation purposes. Would you like to be our next client whose wish for long, lush and enviable hair we can grant? Because you deserve it!

Your dream hair in superior quality

Hair extensions must be made from high quality hair. Not only the origin of the hair is relevant, but also the processing and finish play an important role.

In these matters, we also care for transparency and sustainable production. Our production is based on the highest quality standards and is ISO 9001 certified.

We use the most modern technologies to ensure the highest professional quality of our 100% Remy natural hair extensions. Our natural hair is processed in its growth direction (Remy hair) and belongs to the very highest hair quality available on the world market. For this reason, it won’t tangle or knot. The radiance of the perfectly conditioned cuticle layer will give your hair extension an incomparable brilliance.

20 years of experience in hair extensions

Our company has its historical roots in a Swiss hairdressing salon. From the very beginning, we sold hairpieces. We were one of the first companies to specialise in hair extensions.

Owing to a constant demand, more and more hairdressers became loyal customers. Today, we are pioneers in the field of hair extensions and sell our popular products worldwide.

We are constantly optimising and expanding our product range. We are always on the lookout for the latest technologies and innovations. Our wealth of experience is reflected in our products.

From professionals for Beauty Lovers

From professionals is what distinguishes us. We are a team of passionate experts who know what to do and give professional advice.

Our aim is to give you your very own individual feeling of well-being in terms of hair volume and length. Get in touch with us or order your dream hairstyle from the specialist today. All Beauty Lovers and hairdressers are welcome!

Our own Extensions Academy

We are happy to pass on our 20 years of experience in the field of hair extensions to partner salons and interested Beauty Lovers. We hold monthly training courses for all available extension systems.

You can participate in exciting hands-on seminars during the day or in the evening. Interested? Register today. At the end of the seminar, we shall give you the Extensions Certificate.

We deliver quickly and worldwide

Once you have placed your order with us online, surely you can hardly wait for the hair of your dreams to arrive. We understand this and we do our best every day!

We deliver our products within the UK, to Germany, Austria and worldwide. Different delivery times apply, depending on the country. Within the UK, delivery normally takes one to three days.

For other countries, delivery times vary. Please contact us.

We promise you a smooth shipping and return procedure, including transport insurance.

Enthusiastic customer service

Our long-standing team is really strong and works with enthusiasm. Should you have any question about our products, we are at your disposal any time. You can contact us per phone, e-mail, Facebook or Instagram Messenger.

Would you like to receive professional counsel? Please contact us and let us convince you.

With Love Xoxo Hickenbick Hair Team