Human Hair Scrunchie

Real hair scrunchie – a reliable little helper with a big impact

Are you generally happy with your natural hair, but the flat-looking bun is bothering you? With ourhuman hair scrunchie, we offer you a comfortable and high-quality solution for the missing volume in your bun! The human hair scrunchie can be put in in seconds and creates a WOW effect that will make you completely happy with your styling!

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human hair scrunchie – small but mighty

You don't always have to have a lot of extensions or a full wig. For small imperfections, a single hairpiece is often enough to perfect your styling! In our shop you can find a variety of hairpieces conveniently online. This includes our popular human hair scrunchie!

Human hair scrunchie – your new favorite hairpiece

Fed up of a flat bun? Our real hair scrunchie reliably conjures up lush volume in your bun without attracting attention. This way, you can achieve the perfect bun on the first try and save valuable time. The real hair can even be braided for special occasions and your natural hair will be spared at the same time, as you no longer have to resort to strenuous backcombing.

Human hair scrunchies – the advantages of this little helper

Basically, hairpieces may seem quite inconspicuous at first, but buying a human hair scrunchie  can bring you various advantages:

Easy to insert the human hair scrunchie

Our human hair scrunchie saves you any effort, because you can conveniently buy it online and insert or remove it at home or even on the go without any outside help. And the human hair scrunchie is also easier to care for than wigs, extensions, etc. You can style a bun like this without much effort and enjoy the pompous volume.

Time saving

Styling a bun using only your own hair can sometimes be a real challenge. It just won't work and your arms start to hurt. As a result, styling often takes a lot of time. Since inserting and removing the human hair scrunchie is so easy and doesn't take much effort, it goes quickly. What's more, you'll get the perfect bun on the first try, so you won't have to waste time trying again. This leaves you enough time for the really important things!

Customize your looks yourself

Just as you can insert and remove the human hair scrunchie yourself, you can also adjust it to fit your needs. The scrunchie made of 100% Remy real hair can be braided or even dyed and colored for special occasions! There are no limits to your styling and you can always adapt your real hair hair tie to your look!

Reinvent your look every day

With our human hair scrunchie you can change your look every day or even change it several times in the same day! Because your mood can change just as quickly as your style. Don't feel like wearing a bun in the middle of the day? Then take it out and simply put it in your handbag. The human hair scrunchie  allows you to reinvent yourself in seconds!

Sharing is Caring – Share your real hair scrunchie

Since the human hair scrunchie  is not actually attached to your head, you can always lend it to a good friend or relative who has a special event coming up. Conversely, you can also benefit if your friends buy other hair pieces, such as a clip-in fringe , that you would also like to try out. This way, each of you does not have to buy all the hair pieces, but you can simply lend them to each other as needed.

Real hair scrunchies from Hickenbick

Our high-quality human hair scrunchies are made from 100% professional Indian Remy real hair and open up countless new styling possibilities! They are the perfect companion for everyday life or for special occasions and will reliably provide lush volume in your buns!

If you have any questions about our hair tie with real hair or other products, please feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to providing you with comprehensive advice!